We've switched to sustainable single use cutlery

We’ve swapped all our single use cutlery from plastic to FSC certified wood. Every year at Vodafone we use 450,000 pieces of plastic cutlery, this change will give a more sustainable life to all our single use cutlery.


Our new disposable cutlery is produced by London Bio Packaging who are certified ISO 14001. The new knives, forks & spoons are part of the Sustain range and are made using renewable resources that wont run out. 


This cutlery should be processed through the general waste stream. Wooden cutlery has the potential to contaminate recycling streams when wasted with DMR (Dry Mixed Recycling) because it could carry food residue. When this product reaches landfill and absorbs moisture it will decompose far faster than alternatives like plastics. 


Our new cutlery is: